The Vice Chairman position of the Vanderburgh County Republican Party is vacant.  I want to appoint a female to fill this position.


Vice Chairman Basic Job Duties

+ Preside at meetings in the absence of the Chairman

+ Serve as a key member of the Fundraising Committee

+ Play an active role in filling Precinct Committeeman vacancies

+ Serve as liaison to various auxiliaries such as the Federation of Republican Women, Young Republicans, and others.

+ Be a good team player

+ Fulfill other duties as delegated or assigned by the Chairman


If you know of someone to suggest that I consider appointing to this vacancy, please let me or Mary Jo know.


Thanks for your help and support.

Wayne Parke

Chairman VCRP


Cell: 812-455-1685 


Lincoln Day Dinner April 22, 2015 


Please mark your calendar for the 2015 VCRP Lincoln Dinner:


Date----------------  Wednesday April 22,2015 

Time----------------  6:00-6:45 PM VIP Reception

7:00 PM Dinner/Program



Keynote Introduction--State Auditor Suzanne Crouch

Keynote Speaker-------IN House Speaker Brian Bosma


Note: All candidates will be introduced at the event


More Information to follow


Wayne Parke

Chairman VCRP


Cell: 812-455-1685


Pleased to Announce the Following Great Candidates:


Mayor Lloyd Winnecke 

Click Here for Mayor Winneke Website.


Justin Elpers - City Council Fifth Ward


Anna Hargis - City Council Third Ward. Click Here for Anna's Website


Jack Schriber for City Council At Large


Michelle Mercer is running 
for City Council At-Large! 
Another great candidate on the Republican Team! 
Save these Dates!

Mark Your Calendars Now and

Look for More Details Soon


Lincoln Day Dinner April 22, 2015 




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Cheney vs Obama's Defenders

By Michael Ramirez 













Obama plan: Reward Iran, punish U.S. energy?


By Oklahoman, (OK)

Throughout his presidency, Barack Obama has sought to curtail oil and gas production in the United States. Now he's seeking a deal with Iran that would allow that country to open the spigot on oil exports. It says much about this presidency that Obama shows more zeal for restricting the actions of law-abiding U.S. energy companies than he does for combating a terrorist-supporting, nuclear arms-seeking rouge nation.

To pressure Iran to drop its nuclear ambitions, sanctions were imposed that limited its ability to export oil. Those sanctions may be lifted under the agreement now being pursued by Obama. The Wall Street Journal reports this could "translate into half a million barrels or more a day in Iranian crude heading into a currently glutted global market, analysts estimate." That could drive oil prices even lower.

So Iran may not only be allowed to preserve its nuclear capabilities, but will also be financially rewarded for its lawless actions. And U.S. producers, whose only "crime" was unleashing an energy revolution that put this nation on a path to energy independence, will see increased foreign competition and lower profits. What a deal!

The Journal reports that Iran "has already sounded out Asian oil buyers about taking extra supplies," and that Iran could export as much as 800,000 additional barrels a day within a year.

This is occurring even as U.S. producers continue to face a 1970s-era ban on exports that prevents them from filling the demand Iran wishes to exploit. Much of the oil generated by new U.S. production is a lighter crude oil, while many U.S. refineries are designed to handle heavier oil. This has exacerbated a supply glut in the United Statesthat could be eased if exports were allowed.

Repealing the export ban could actually lead to lower prices at the pump in the long run because U.S. gas prices are tied to world market prices, which ultimately will decline as global supply increases if the export ban is eliminated. Oklahoma's own Harold Hamm, founder of Continental Resources, is among those who've made the case for ending the ban.

Instead, the Obama administration has sought to constantly restrict U.S. production. The federal government issued just 1,304 new offshore leases during Obama's first term (through October 2012) compared with 3,317 in the second term of his predecessor, George W. Bush. The number of new permits for offshore wells fell from 1,316 in Bush's second term to just 515 under Obama, according to fact-check.org. The number of new onshore leases and permits on public land also plummeted under Obama.

In January, the administration announced plans to declare the 1.5 million-acre Coastal Plain area of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge off limits to drilling. At the same time, it was reported the administration wanted to block Alaska offshore drilling. Such restrictions have been the rule, not the exception, under Obama, and the administration has also sought to curtail drilling via other excessive regulations.

By imposing roadblocks to domestic production, declining to push for the export ban's repeal, and simultaneously pushing to ease restrictions on Iranian exports, the Obama administration is effectively punishing U.S. producers and financially rewarding our nation's enemies.

The stark difference in the Obama administration's treatment of U.S. business leaders and its approach to Iran is appalling. Apparently, you need a nuclear weapons program to get respect from this administration.


(c)2015 The Oklahoman

Visit The Oklahoman at www.newsok.com


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 Larry Bucshon



By: Congressman Larry Bucshon, M.D. (IN-08) and State Representative Tim Brown, M.D. (HD-41)
March 15, 2015
Following our statewide "Hoosier Healthcare Tour" last year, we made the case for why Indiana's consumer-driven Medicaid replacement program, Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0 was best suited to help Hoosiers in need.
Since then, the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington made concessions to approve Indiana's request to end traditional Medicaid and use HIP 2.0 as a vehicle to cover 350,000 uninsured Hoosiers.
Make no mistake, this is an unprecedented victory for the health and prosperity of Hoosiers and for conservative health care policy solutions in the age of the Affordable Care Act.
Thanks to the leadership of Gov. Mike Pence, Indiana has demonstrated that states are better suited to care for their most vulnerable citizens than an increasingly inefficient, ineffective federal bureaucracy when they are granted the proper flexibility.
While some have advocated for the big-government expansion of traditional Medicaid, in Indiana we've taken a different path — one that focuses on consumer-driven health care and health savings accounts that empower patients.
In 1965, the Medicaid program was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson with the noble goal of casting an important safety net for Americans who could not afford basic medical care. The program was a critical step forward to ensure the most vulnerable among us receive they care they need.
Unfortunately, 50 years later this program is failing the patients it was intended to help.
Many Medicaid patients rely on the emergency room for primary care, the program is going broke, and patients' access to their physicians is being limited. In fact, statistics show that patients enrolled in Medicaid may actually be worse off than their uninsured counterparts.
Because of this reality, we believe those who truly care for the well-being of their fellow citizens ought not settle for the expansion of this broken, failing program because it has become a barrier to quality care.
Instead, this important safety net must be reformed and strengthened through the states, not through a one-size-fits-all federal approach.
Thankfully, Indiana is leading the way with a common-sense prescription that conservatives have championed for decades — the idea that the federal government should provide block grant funding to the states so they can innovate and develop a program specific to their own state's needs.
Over 60,000 Hoosiers were enrolled in the HIP pilot program which boasts a 98 percent approval rating and led to an almost 11 percent reduction in health care costs annually.
HIP 2.0 builds on this record of success.
It ends traditional Medicaid, is fiscally responsible, and puts the patient in the driver's seat, not government.
The plan is budget neutral, requiring no new taxes and no new spending from the general fund. More importantly, it helps reduce excess, unnecessary costs in the health care system which helps to lower the amount expended on health care annually.

HIP 2.0 is built on self-reliance and personal responsibility instead of heavy-handed government mandates because we trust that patients and their doctors make better decisions than government bureaucrats.

Furthermore, by incentivizing preventive health care, the plan gives patients the tools they need to live happier, healthier lives.
We were happy to see Gov. Pence highlight the merits of HIP 2.0 during his recent speech to conservatives from across the country at the Conservative Political Action Conference because this is good, sound conservative policy. And these ideas aren't new, nor are they complicated.
We firmly believe that the Affordable Care Act is the wrong approach to health care reform and must be replaced with patient-centered reforms that ensure every American has access to quality, affordable care.
One just needs look to the King v. Burwell case before Supreme Court to see that the law was poorly written and has put the well-being of millions of Americans at risk. As conservatives, it's imperative that we be solutions oriented to provide Americans the security that comes with a working health care system centered on their needs, instead of Washington mandates.
HIP 2.0 represents the success our conservative ideas can have when the federal government allows states to be innovative with Medicaid funding through block grants.
This common-sense idea should be an integral part of federal health care policy as we move forward.
In our diagnosis, we believe other states would be wise to follow the Hoosier success story.
Larry Bucshon, a cardiothoracic surgeon and member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, is serving his third term in Congress representing Indiana's 8th District. Tim Brown, a former emergency room physician, has served in the General Assembly since 1994. He currently represents House District 41.



Congressman Larry Bucshon, a physician from Southern Indiana, is serving his third term in the U.S. House of Representatives representing Indiana’s 8th Congressional District. Bucshon sits on the influential House Committee on Energy and Commerce.  The 8th District includes all or parts of Clay, Crawford, Daviess, Dubois, Gibson, Greene, Knox, Martin, Owen, Parke, Perry, Pike, Posey, Spencer, Sullivan, Vanderburgh, Vermillion, Vigo, and Warrick counties. 




Iran Must Be Denied Nuclear Weapons Capability

For the past seven years, both in and out of Congress, I have been involved in efforts to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons capability.

Merely announcing that Iran cannot be allowed to get a nuclear weapon is not enough. Iran must not develop even the technical capability to manufacture such a weapon. A nuclear weapons capable Iran is as dangerous as a nuclear armed Iran, because it throws up a cloud of ambiguity about Iran’s actual intentions.


There are many who find a mistaken sense of comfort in the view that Iran has not yet made a formal decision to develop a nuclear weapon. This is a delusion.


Iran's industrial-strength uranium enrichment enterprise has gone from 800 centrifuges nine years ago, when the international community first expressed alarm, to 19,000 now. We know the Ayatollah is on a quest for 190,000 as soon as international constraints are removed.  


The Iranian pursuit of uranium enrichment is not for the manufacturing of medical isotopes and reactor fuel. Its purpose is to produce nuclear bombs.
I have long called for using the full range of tools to prevent Iran from reaching its nuclear goal. These include negotiations, coupled with ever-increasing sanctions pressure, and a credible threat of the use of military force if the negotiations and sanctions fail to lead to Iran’s commitment to cease its pursuit of nuclear weapons capability.


Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of discussion about the Obama Administration's ongoing negotiations with Iran and what the role of Congress should be on this subject. A settlement of issues regarding Iran’s nuclear program is of paramount importance to the security of the American people and the world.


Any proposed agreement requires thorough review and deliberation by Congress. On an issue of such vast significance, an agreement requires a bipartisan consensus and mutual support by both the executive and legislative branches of our government.


All Senate Republicans, and I believe many Senate Democrats, are in agreement on the overall objective of avoiding a bad deal with Iran. A bill introduced by Senators Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) and Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) that would require Congress to approve any deal with Iran is close to achieving the support of the 67 or more senators needed to overturn President Obama's promised veto.


Any agreement with Iran that allows restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program to be time-limited must be rejected, and any agreement with Iran that does not impose permanent restraints on their nuclear ambitions is no agreement at all. Without these provisions, Iran will have the wealth, technical expertise, industrial infrastructure, and, if given a sunset provision, the international acquiescence to do whatever it likes.


Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons capability is an issue of such historic consequence and potential harm that the Senate must work together to ensure the ability to undo what may be coming our way. I am urging my Senate colleagues, Republican and Democrats, to rise above any political considerations and work together to ensure Iran is prevented from getting the bomb.


Lack of bipartisan consensus at this moment is likely to lead to a fatally flawed deal that destroys more than a decade of effort to bring Iran to cease its goal of nuclear weapons capability.


To watch my speech on the Senate floor click here or on the image. 



Working to safeguard Hoosier Families

Public safety continues one of my top priorities, and I have so much respect for the individuals that keep our communities safe; that respond in case of an emergency. Most likely, at some point, either you or someone you know has been helped or life saved by the heroic actions of a first-responder. We rely on their life-saving training, and I am grateful for their dedication to assisting Hoosiers in need.

Anyone who works in public safety will tell you that training, running drills and preparation can save lives. The more training our first-responder receive, the better they will be able to handle any situation they come across.

Last May, I joined representative Ron Bacon and traveled to Texas to observe three out of the eight days of the Basic Tactical Operation Medical Support Course, hosted by the Cypress Creek Tactical Medic Team in Houston. This international course taught a variety of different training techniques, and we learned all about tactical operation medical support. 


Click here to read the rest of my column.




Senate Update
March 27, 2015


Official State Warbird



 This session, I am working to establish a new official state symbol for Indiana. I've authored  Senate Bill 370, which would designate the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt the official warbird of Indiana. The P-47 was the only war aircraft that was manufactured in Indiana during the World War II era.

SB 370 passed the Senate with a 50-0 vote, and passed the House Committee on Veterans Affairs and Public Safety with a 12-0 vote. It will now be considered by the full House.


 This week, I had the honor of welcoming Allen Sanderson to the Statehouse, a WWII veteran who flew a P-47 Thunderbolt. He was introduced to the Senate and recognized for his service in the armed forces, as well as his tireless efforts with the Freedom Heritage Museum to preserve Indiana's rich wartime history. I also welcomed to the Statehouse Paul Black and Richard Litov of Evansville.



Job fair to be held in Evansville
As your state representative, I understand that supporting job growth and economic development is essential. Which is why I am pleased to spread the word about the upcoming job fair on April 1, hosted by Congressman Larry Buschon and U.S. Senator Dan Coats.

The event will take place at the CK Newsome Center and is open to the public, particularly geared toward members of the U.S. Armed Services. For those seeking local job opportunities, this is a great chance to speak with employers who are hiring in Evansville and the surrounding area. 

          When:  Wednesday, April 1st, 2015
                          1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

          Where: 100 Walnut Street
                          Evansville, IN 47713
                          CK Newsome Center     

The first hour of the job fair is reserved for veterans of the U.S. Armed Services. Designating this time for the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our freedom is just one way our community can say thank you. However, after 1 P.M., the fair will be open to the public.

Over 350 Evansville area employers, representing a vast array of industries, have been invited to attend. No matter what type of job you are seeking, I encourage members of the community to attend this free event. 

Whether you are an employer or job seeker, click here to learn more about this job fair.





Fellow Republicans:


Welcome to the VCRP

We believe in sensible taxes, smaller and less intrusive government, personal responsibility and accountability, Constitutional government, liberty, and respect for life. Following the leadership of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, we strive to promote these common sense values in government and in our community.  Reforming Government to Serve the People. The American people believe Washington is broken and for good reason. Short-term politics overshadow the long-term interests of the nation. Our national legislature uses a budget process devised long before the Internet and seems unable to deal in realistic ways with the most pressing problems of families, businesses, and communities. Members of Congress have been indicted for violating the public trust. Public disgust with Washington is entirely warranted.

Republicans will uphold and defend our party’s core principles: Constrain the federal government to its legitimate constitutional functions. Let it empower people, while limiting its reach into their lives. Spend only what is necessary, and tax only to raise revenue for essential government functions. Unleash the power of enterprise, innovation, civic energy, and the American spirit and never pretend that government is a substitute for family or community.

The other party wants more government control over people’s lives and earnings; Republicans do not. The other party wants to continue pork barrel politics; we are disgusted by it, no matter who practices it. The other party wants to ignore fiscal problems while squandering billions on ineffective programs; we are determined to end that waste. The entrenched culture of official Washington an intrusive tax-and-spend liberalism remains a formidable foe, but we will confront and ultimately defeat it.

The long term solution for many of Washington’s problems is structural. Congress must respect the limits imposed upon it by the Tenth Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

We look to the model of Republican welfare reform, which, since its enactment in 1996, has accomplished a major transfer of resources and responsibility from the federal government back to the states with an accompanying improvement in the program itself. Applying that approach to other programs will steer Congress back into line with the Constitution, reversing both its intrusion into state matters and its neglect of its central duties.

To aid in the fulfillment of those duties, we propose a National Sunset Commission to review all federal programs and recommend which of them should be terminated due to redundancy, waste, or intrusion into the American family. The Congress would then be required by law to schedule one yea or nay vote on the entire sunset list with no amendments.

Additionally, as important as returning power to the states is returning power to the people. As the Declaration of Independence states, our rights are endowed to us by our Creator and are inalienable: rights to life, liberty, and property. Government does not confer these rights but is instituted by men to protect the rights that man has already been granted. The Republican Party strongly affirms these rights and demands that government respect them.




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